Our Strategic Partnership

Sepco Industries

Plastic Waste Solutions are very proud to say we have secured our strategic partnership with a company called Sepco Industries. Their primary focus is turning plastic waste to eco friendly low carbon fuel. We already have the Thai bus company BMTA bus group using our fuel.  


Using Advanced Pyrolysis Technology


How to solve plastic waste with our plastic waste projects and system are the only one in the world right now that we know of that is 100% fully enclosed and lets zero emissions into the environment. This is a great way for plastic recycling. 

Each one of our plants can take in 20,000 kilos per day of plastic waste & in-turn make 15,000 litres of Low carbon fuel per day. 

Our Goal

Each facility may have a different cost in eash country and location due to legal permits, certificates, maintenence contractors, land and many other factors to consider. Please get in touch today to discuss the best options for you and your country and to start negotiations.

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Plastic Waste to Fuel

Executive Summary


Plastic Waste Solutions (PWS) are working in a direct strategic partnership with Sepco Industries who is the official company that has designed and invented the plastic waste to fuel technology called Polypetron5. 

The founders of Sepco Industries Co.Ltd, in collaboration with prominent researchers from Thailand’s prestigious Chulalongkorn University, and with support from the Ministry of Energy, have developed and optimised an innovative and eco-friendly industrial process for converting waste plastic into high-quality synthetic fuel. Our Waste Plastic to Fuel Production Unit is currently on its fifth generation.

The first generation model is still operational as it has been since 2003. The current model named the PolypetronTM Gen.5, running at full capacity, it can produce 15,000 litres of crude oil equivalent per day, per module, while disposing of 20,000 kilograms of waste plastic.

Our team is actively involved in research and development of pyrolysis technologies since the 1990’s. As of January 2018, our Waste Plastic Pyrolysis concept has been proven with genuine use cases, the most outstanding of which is providing fuel to the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority or BMTA, one of the largest bus companies in Thailand.

mobile Recycling Units

Mobile Recycling Units

Our Mobile recycling units are ready to deploy and can be used on land or at sea to recycle on spot. This is one of our small mobile units, that can recycle 3000 kilos of plastic waste a day, which can then produce, 1000 litres of low carbon fuel.

We are also constructing some bigger mobile units that will be ready in the early year of 2019.

The Units can be distributed to polluted towns and or sea vessles, to help solve and recycle plastic waste on the spot.

Why This Company & Why Thailand

Why We Chose this Company to Partner With?

For me this was a pretty easy decision to form a partnership with this company. I could clearly see they were very serious about helping clean up the plastic waste pollution.

The vision and people behind the company are of the highest calibre and their technology is way more advanced than anything I have seen so far throughout my research.

The company have strong and clear intentions of doing something that will help humanity and extract a lot of plastic waste from the Asian countries just to start.

Asia are amongst the worst countries that are polluted from plastic waste with a whopping 70% on average of contamination. Thailand is one of these countries!!

We have a very unique opportunity to be part of a company that will extract Plastic waste from the oceans and land with The Thai Government providing the company and are paying them to dispurse of the waste.

This has full backing from the Thai Government & knowing this really made it easy for Plastic Waste Solutions to make that decision to partner with this forward thinking company.

Meet the team behind the technology.


A small tour of our facility

Here is a guided tour of a Plastic Waste Recycling facility in Koh Chang, Thailand. Plastic Waste Solutions have secured exclusive rights in the UK & Europe to promote the Crowdfund project for this business, before it goes public next year. If you have any questions or want to know more please contact us

The Cost of the Facility

Factoring in operational costs, supply and demand, location, logistics, raw materials availability, and maintaining healthy profit margins, we have established a scalable industrial model featuring production modules with the capacity of producing upwards of 15,000 litres of crude oil equivalent per day, while disposing of 20,000 kilograms of waste plastic.

Each facility may have a different cost in eash country and location due to legal permits, certificates, maintenence contractors, land and many other factors to consider. Please get in touch today to discuss the best options for you and your country and to start negotiations.

The Technology

Through a rigorous trial and evaluation process, our team of researchers have been able to create a production system that involves virtually zero waste. All byproducts of the process are used.

After refining, our crude oil equivalent is typically able to further produce 70% diesel, 10% gasoline, and 10% gas (which is fed back into the system to heat the reactor). The remaining 10% is char which can also be used to heat the reactor, be compressed as charcoal or used as activated carbon in a diverse range of applications.

Our production model is also extremely energy efficient. It takes less than one kWh of energy to produce one litre of oil. Sepco Industries plan to have over 450 + plants in the next 5 years.

While application of the technology of pyrolysis for the production of fuels has been in existence for decades, genuine practical usage cases have been rare and generally viewed as inefficient and unviable. One of the major objections to the use of pyrolysis for converting waste plastic to fuel has been the environmental impact.

Since the process involves subjecting plastics to extreme heat, harmful and offensive fumes are released into the atmosphere. This, of course, brings strong resistance from numerous communities and NGOs, and rightfully so. 

One of the outstanding features of our system, however, is that it is fully enclosed and releases no toxins into the environment whatsoever.

The small amount of smoke emitted is solely from heat and contains no harmful gases. Our process releases absolutely no toxic residue into waterways or the soil either. It is an entirely eco-friendly system.



The current global outcry at the widespread proliferation of plastic waste and the worldwide waste management crisis presents us with a unique opportunity to provide a comprehensive solution.


Increasing requirements for renewable energy and waste-based fossil fuels represents a global market the industry will struggle to meet.


Recent exposure of improper global waste management, current refusal by China and other countries to import waste, new European legislation requiring a higher percentage of advanced biofuels and synthetic fuel underscores the perfect timing to provide a genuine solution to these issues.

Our Uniqueness

While there are numerous efforts to respond to these demands, very few can deliver a genuinely sustainable and comprehensive solution in the way we can.